Why choose nidea partners

We help clients lease, buy and build commercial space.


Count on Nidea Partners to create a smarter, more integrated and responsible model for commercial real estate leasing and acquisition.   We are business owners.  Like you, we understand that a commercial lease is a major financial commitment, so that facility has to work as hard as you do.

We are effective listeners and we delve into your priorities – enabling your business plan and creating efficient and collaborative work space that serves to attract and keep talent.  We find and negotiate for the space that best meets your goals, at the best possible price.


We only represent tenants. All day. Every day. Period. Our Difference is your Advantage. We maintain significant negotiating clout and strong working relationships with landlords and developers throughout the Greater Toronto Area, but we never represent landlords in any way, at any time or in any geography. We never have. We never will. Because we avoid the inherent conflicts that full service brokers run into every day, we can aggressively protect the rights and bottom line of the tenants we represent.

Trust, Transparency, Integrity

We listen.  We collaborate. We produce desired results quickly and cost effectively.  We believe in open and reliable communication.  Trust is central in all our work.  We are transparent in everything we do: each transaction, each market assessment, each negotiation, and each bid.

Principal - Level Guidance

We built Nidea Partners to provide our clients with Principal Level support throughout the leasing process. Regardless of the size of the project, every client deserves this. At Nidea Partners, there is always at least one principal personally and directly involved to manage research, site reviews, and lease documentation.  We are seasoned professionals with the experience to guide the project and the credibility to defend your interests during negotiation.  We anticipate and address the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities that evolve through the leasing process.

Market Focus

Nidea Partners supports clients with office or industrial space requirements in the Greater Toronto Area.  We handle new leases, relocations, renewals, restructurings, expansions, contractions and the disposal of excess space.  We work directly with principals and senior decision makers, as well as corporate real estate executives.  

Long-Term Client Engagement

Long-term partnerships are our goal.  Many of our clients have worked with us exclusively for years, and engaged us to complete multiple transactions.  We value a sustained, mutual commitment to tenant-centered results.  We believe that this commitment serves both our clients and us.  We strive to build and maintain a client’s trust and partnership over many decades.

No Cost Representation

Tenant Representation brokerage fees are generally paid by landlords and building owners.  Our clients do not pay directly for our services.  There is no retainer or hourly fee.  We are compensated only when we successfully complete the transaction for our client. In a typical leasing transaction, “hard” leasing costs (such as general construction costs) and “soft” leasing costs (such as project management, architectural and engineering fee and brokerage fees) are generally paid for by the landlord or property owner.  What sets our firm apart is that we are transparent in letting our clients know how much our commission is, no matter which building they choose.

Unbiased Tenant Representation Services

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